Artificial Intelligence

Uniforce Enterprise is the most preferred Artificial Intelligence training course in Singapore. Uniforce’s Artificial Intelligence course is developed to help candidates to decode the Artificial Intelligence mystery along with the business applications. The course offers an overview of AI workflows and concepts, deep learning and machine learning, and performance metrics. You also will learn the distinction between reinforcement, unsupervised, and supervised education. The candidate will get exposed to use cases and check how classification and clustering algorithms help to identify the applications in AI.

What are the advantages of Unifroce’s Artificial Intelligence Course?

AI has become the dominant driving force in an extensive range of industries, helping businesses and people to create innovatively, and exciting services and products, enable more business decisions and reach the goals of the metrics more naturally. The marketing is growing day by day, and the AI market is expected to have a growth CAGR of 53.35% by the end of the year 2022 and will have more than 2.5 million jobs. Based on the Datamation, the median salary of an Artificial engineer in the US is about $171,715.

What are the objectives of Uniforce’s Artificial Intelligence Course in Singapore?

The AI course certificate training will provide the candidate with a look at the booming field of Artificial Intelligence and show the candidate how AI can be used and how it helps to drive the value in various businesses. The course covers basic concepts of Artificial Intelligence, scope, stages, and terminologies of AI and the real world effect in the business processes. The candidates can clearly define different unsupervised and supervised Artificial Intelligence algorithms apply the machine learning workflow to measure ROI and solve business issues based on the metrics in performance.

What Skills do you learn from Uniforce’s Artificial Intelligence Course in Singapore?

After the successful completion of an AI certificate training course, our candidates will understand

  • Fundamental concepts of deep learning and machine learning
  • Machine learning workflow and how to implement the steps efficiently.
  • The purpose, meaning, stages, scope, effects, and applications of AI.
  • The role of metrics performance and how to identify the necessary methods.

Who can take this Uniforce’s Artificial Intelligence Course?

  • Developers who are aspiring to be an AI engineer or machine learning engineer.
  • Information architects who need to gain expertise in AI algorithms.
  • Graduates who are looking for developing a career in machine learning or artificial intelligence.
  • Analytics professionals who need to work in artificial intelligence or machine learning.
  • Analytics manager who is leading an analyst team.

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