Uniforce is one of the best Block chain Certification training institute in Singapore. Uniforce’s Block chain Certification training will help the candidates in deciphering the global craze which surrounds Bitcoin, Block chain, and crypto currencies. The candidates also will get a deep understanding on the Hyper ledger, Multichain Block chain platforms, Bitcoins, Ethereum, and also the candidates will be trained to use the modern trending Block chain tools namely Truffle, Geth, Ganache, Meta Mask to develop applications with Block chain. The candidates also will be prepared to set up their private Block chain network with the help of hyper ledger composer and deploy Ethereum smart contracts.

The course curriculum of the Block chain certification training includes an overview of Block chain, Bitcoin Block chain, Ethereum, Deploying Smart Contracts, Hyper ledger, Hyper ledger composer, Block chain on Multichain, and Block chain prospects.

Key Characteristics of Uniforce Block chain training:

  • Many practical and theoretical hands-on training with integrated labs.
  • The trainers and candidates are provided with the flexibility to choose their classes.
  • 24/7 support is available with dedicated mentoring sessions.
  • Thirty hours of instructor-led training with Block chain certification.
  • Several practical projects are covered which includes Hyper ledger, Bitcoin, Multi-chain, and Ethereum.
  • Corporate training, one to one coaching and self-paced training available.

What are the tools covered in Block chain Certification Course training in Singapore?

Several tools include Block chain integrations tools like Git, Block chain Ethereum tools like Ethereum, Ganache, GO, Truffle, Hyper ledger tools like Docker, Vagrant, Hyper ledger, etc.

Block chain Certification Course Description

Block chain indicates a significant transformation for F key industries namely real estate, insurance, media and entertainment, automotive, retail and e-commerce, government sector, energy, cloud storage, public sectors, financial and banking services, healthcare and more. The demand for Block chain professionals is developing day by day, and it will reach about 18 percent of the GDP by 2025 based on the current industry survey on the Block Chain.

What are the Block chain Certification course Objectives?

The Block chain Certification training from Uniforce provides hands-on training that covers Ethereum, Bit coins, Multi Chain scenarios and Hyper ledger. The candidate will develop better importance of core block chain platforms, how the block chain works, understand in-depth about the Bitcoin, will learn about the essential vocabulary, fundamental concepts which are commonly utilized when dealing with Block chain, understand why engineers are praised and motivated to develop applications with Ethereum.

What skills do you learn from Block chain Certification Course training in Singapore?

Upon the completion of Block chain certification course training from Uniforce, the candidates will be able to

  • Explain the transaction process of Bitcoin
  • Deploy a private Ethereum Block chain
  • Deploy a business network with the help of hyper ledger composer
  • Develop a private Block chain with the help of Multichain.
  • Describe the Block chain technology and their underlying concepts.
  • Work with deployment tools of Ethereum.
  • Work with projects in the hyper ledger.
  • Develop and deploy smart contracts on the test network of Ethereum.
  • Describe the real world use cases and prospects of Block chain.

Who can take the Block chain Certificate training course from Uniforce in Singapore?

The excitement and deal of choosing the Block chain certification training is surrounded by global opportunities which the Block chain technology provides across different and extensive industries ranges. The course is best suitable for aspirants and professionals with a technical background, and this includes project managers, support professionals, product managers, developers, technology or solution architects, team leads, and business analysts.

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