Uniforce is one of the most trusted DevOps training institute in Singapore. The DevOps certification training from Uniforce will help the candidates in preparing for the bright career in DevOps, which is one of the rapidly developing fields that bridges the gap between software operations and developers. The candidates are assured for becoming a professional in the principles of continuous deployment and development, inter-team collaborations, automation of configuration management, and IT service agility by making use of the modern DevOps tools like Docker, Cucumber, TeamCity, Git, Jenkins, Ansible, and Nagios.

The course curriculum of the DevOps training certification includes Introduction to DevOps, Version control systems, continuous integration, continuous deployment, and build tools, software, and automation testing frameworks, configuration management tools, containerization with docker, continuous monitoring. The need for cloud in DevOps, and practice projects.

What are the tools covered in the DevOps training?

Some of the tools includes Build automation tools like Maven, Grunt, Gulp, and Apache Ant, configuration management tools like Ansible, Chef and puppet, Version control tools like BitBucket, Git, Github, Subversion, and Bazaar, Continuous integration and monitoring tools like TeamCity, Jenkins, Grafana, and ELK Stack, Docker containerization tools like Docker and Testing framework tools like Cucumber, Eggplant, and JUnit.

Key Characteristics of DevOps Training institute in Singapore:

  • Several numbers of real industry projects with integrated labs.
  • Lifetime access to the self-paced learning
  • Flexibility to select classes for both trainers and candidates.
  • 50 hour of in-depth blended learning.
  • More live demos of the most leading DevOps tools.
  • 24/7 technical support available with dedicated project mentoring sessions.
  • Self-paced learning, one to one training and corporate training available.

Why choose DevOps Training?

The demand for the professionals who understand both the operational side of the deployment process and software development and development, making the DevOps training certification best suited for people who wish to improve their market for these prized functional roles. DevOps jobs are paid highly and have a significant demand in an extensive range of favored sectors., There are more than 25k DevOps jobs based on the source And the annual salary averagely for DevOps manager is about $172,216 and for DevOps engineers its approximately $141,476 per year. The online training course is suitable for aspirants of all experience level.

What are the Objectives of DevOps Training from Uniforce?

Uniforce’s DevOps training certification is developed to help the candidates in becoming the best DevOps practitioner and apply the trending and latest DevOps methodologies and functionalities to automate your lifecycle of the software development right out of the class. The candidates also will master continuous integration deployment, monitoring, and delivery using DevOps tools namely Docker, TeamCity, Nagios, Git, Jenkins, Cucumber, Ansible and more, configuration management, in both practical and theoretical approach and in an interactive way. The candidates also will learn how to implement version control systems, Docker and much more.

What skills do you learn from DevOps Training Certification course?

Upon the successful completion of DevOps training, the candidates can achieve hands-on training and experience in different DevOps delivery model aspects. At the end of the course, the candidates will be able to

  • Explain the type of continuous integration tools, cloud models, version control systems, continuous monitoring tools and more.
  • Configure the candidates private Jenkins, Git, Jenkins with Java, TeamCity Tools, Maven and more.
  • Describe the significance of Puppet and Chef. Perform Ansible demonstration.
  • Describe the significance of clouds in DevOps, deploy own Kubernetes cluster, and make use of the AWS in DevOps.
  • Describe DevOps and DevSecOps methodologies and their essential concepts.
  • Work with Git with BitBucket and Git with GitHub.
  • Set up a test-driven development framework with behavior driven development and JUnit 5 framework with cucumber.
  • Work on the creation of Registry, Docker Containers, Docker Compose, Docker Networking, and Docker Hub. Describe the importance of ELK Stack and Grafana. Perform a Nagios demonstration.
  • Set up your complete private infrastructure using the CI/CD tools and Version control systems.

Who can take this DevOps course Certification from Uniforce?

The DevOps certification training course is best suited for

  • Technical Project managers
  • Operations Support
  • IT Managers
  • Software Developers
  • Architects
  • Deployment Engineers
  • Development Managers.

What are the prerequisites to pursue DevOps training from Uniforce?

The candidates should be from a technical background and should have an in-depth understanding of the Web Development fundamentals, Java Fundamentals, and Linux fundamentals.

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