Mean Stack

Uniforce is one of the top-notch Full Stack Web Developer Mean Stack Training in Singapore. Take your web developer career to the next level with our Mean Stack web developer master training. The candidates will become an expert in both front and back end technologies of JavaScript of the most trusted and preferred MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node.js) Stack. The candidate also will learn how to develop applications from scratch and up to down in this fast-growing and lucrative web development career paths.

The core concepts of MEANS tack training includes JavaScript Certification training, Complete HTML And CSS Training Course, Node.Js Training, Angular Training, MongoDB Developer and Administrator, and more.

What is the Uniforce MEAN Stack training course Objectives?

The MEAN Stack web developer course from Uniforce will help in establishing the candidate as web developer expert in the MEAN Stack. The term states that it is a combination of every JavaScript technologies which is used for developing web applications, MEAN is an acronym for MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node.js. In which Express is a back end web framework, MongoDB is the database system, and Node.js is the back end runtime environment. The MEAN stack web development program is one of the structured learning paths that is recommended by the experts in the industry and makes sure about the mastery of complete MEAN Stack development.


he Full stack developer training programs start with the Express.js and Node.Js that offer a solid foundation to gain and develop a web application by utilizing the JavaScript. After this, you will have a clear and comprehensive understanding of the Angular.js which will help in mastering the front end development. The last concept the candidates learn in training is the MongoDB, where you will learn every NoSQL database technology features. We have also included CSS, HTML, and JavaScript as electives so that you can choose the one that you need to focus.

The MEAN Stack course offers access to numerous live instructor-led online training with real-time industry projects training by industry experts.

What skills do you learn from Uniforce MEAN Stack training in Singapore?

The MEAN Stack web developer training is developed to provide the best understanding of the technologies of MEAN Stack that includes MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, Node.js, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The MEAN Stack learning path makes sure that you get the experience in different MEAN Stack components from building and designing RESTFul APIS using Express, Node.js, and MongoDB to develop maintainable and modular single page applications. There are various courses under the MEAN Stack namely Node.JS certification training, Angular Certification Training, MongoDB Developer and Administrator certification training, HTML5 & CSS3 Site design, and fundamentals of JavaScript.

Why should you pursue the MEAN Stack Developer Course?

The companies which are technology focused required MEAN Stack developers as they are capable of building features from full stack development top to bottom and help companies with single resource and develop the application effectively and quickly. MEAN Stacks is considered to be one of the preferred Full stack development models and this is useful as it enables the complete client to server code which is written in the JavaScript technology. Many companies are making use of the MEAN Stack as it one of the flexible open, and thereby it makes it easier to learn as well as helpful in building the customized applications.

MEAN Stack developer is one of the fast-growing and lucrative career paths available in the past few years. With the increased MEAN Stack adoption over a few years, the MEAN Stacks developers are the most expected and having a huge demand at present. The MEAN Stack developers are paid more in both front end and back end based on the industry research; they earn about $110K per year.

Who can Pursue the MEAN Stack training course from Uniforce?

The following are few of them who can pursue Mean Stack training from Uniforce in Singapore.

  • Web Developers
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who need to develop and test their applications with MEAN Stack.
  • Technical Leads and Technical Project Managers
  • Aspirants and professionals who wish to learn MEANS Tack course.

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