Uniforce’s Robotic Process Automation with UiPath training course will help the experience of RPA from the ground up with the help of advanced UiPath platform of RPA. The course will help the candidate to prepare them for the exam of RPA Developer Advanced Certification and are identified as the best certification in this space. The candidate also will gain hands-on training, practical and theoretical training from industry experts to create RPA bots, automated, repeated processes, develop efficient Robotic Process Automation Solutions within your organizations.

The core concepts of Uniforce RPA training includes Robotic Process Automation concepts, intro to RPA, getting started with UiPath, UI Automation and system, User events and data scrapping, Workflow OCR and Citrix, Programming, debugging, UiPath Orchestrator, framework and more.

Key Characteristics of Uniforce RPA Training in Singapore:

  • Several real-life industry projects trained by industry experts
  • The trainers and candidates are provided with the flexibility to choose classes.
  • 24/7 support with a dedicated mentoring session on the project available.
  • Hands on experience to real automation process with tools like SugarCRM, QuickBooks, and Adobe Utilities and Invoice.
  • 30 + hours of in-depth learning.
  • Corporate training, one-to-one training and self-paced training available.

Why Choose Uniforce Robotic Process Automation training?

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is one of the advanced technologies which automates a large number of redundant tasks by making use of the AI (Artificial Intelligence). RPA has become the trending technology, and it is becoming a better technology in modern sectors like finance and banking, insurance, healthcare and more because of their substantial spectrum benefits like less cost, customer-friendly, etc.

The annual salary for the Robotics Engineer in the US based on the Indeed.com is about $92,862 annually, and the RPA market is expected to reach approximately $3.20 by 2025 globally based on the new report of Grand View Research, and there are more than 2100 Robotic Process Automation jobs available in the market. RPA with UiPath provides a scalable and complete solution which offer specialized recorder for web apps and desktops, powerful debugging, an extensive activity library, centralized server-based licensing and third-party integration.

What are the objectives of Uniforce RPA UiPath Training course in Singapore?