Uniforce is one of the best and leading ServiceNow Training Institute in Singapore. Uniforce provides Instructor-led and hands-on training both practically as well as theoretically to implement ServiceNow in the business. The training of ServiceNow deals with the technical components, underlying architecture, implementation task essentials, and implementation planning considerations for the ServiceNow ITSM implementation project. Apart from this implementation details and tasks, the course training offers an in-depth overview of ServiceNow enabling candidates to understand the complete scope and necessary dependencies.

Through demonstrations, team activities, lecture, hands-on training exercises, and classroom discussions, the aspirants gain an in-depth understanding about the scope of the ServiceNow implementation which includes implementation ITIL/ITSM Processes, implementation tasks, configuring the out of box and UI applications, managing service catalog, setting up self-service, managing tickets that deals with incidents, requests, problem and change along with the setting up and maintaining users, knowledgebase, using workflow BSM (Business Service Map), reports, adding CIs (Configuration items) to the CMDB, customizing prompts and messages, integrating with the legacy systems, external web services, email notifications, running Mid Server, offer DevOps and automation using Orchestration etc.

What skills do you learn from Uniforce’s ServiceNow training?

Upon the completion of the ServiceNow training from Uniforce, the candidates will be able to

  • Detail understanding and explanation of complete ServiceNow scope as well as the necessary dependencies.
  • Technical and practical implementation of Service key benefits and features.
  • Understanding of core ServiceNow modules and applications.
  • Understanding of high-level processes included in the implementation of ServiceNow ITSM platform.
  • Describe options for configuring self-serving applications and initial landing pages
  • Describe which major ServiceNow supports ITSM/ITIL features
  • Form and list layout customizations
  • Configuring and population of knowledgebase
  • Report creation, join various tables to generate a full report
  • Change risk calculation.

Who can pursue ServiceNow training from Uniforce?

Change Manager, Configuration Manager, ServiceNow Administrator, Support Person, Service Desk manager, Project Manager, Incident Manager, Problem Manager, Functional Owner, Developer, Service desk agent, architect etc.

ServiceNow platform Implementation:

Uniforce is the leading ServiceNow platform implementation in Singapore. The ServiceNow platform implementation certification training helps the aspirants to implement the core functionality of the ServiceNow successfully to meet the requirements of the business and customers and act as the essential training foundation for deploying various applications.

The implementation of Now platform training covers the application along with other technical concepts, and this provides practice working as one of the deployment team. This combined helps the aspirants to learn the roles and responsibilities required based on the tactical skills, tasks, create a holistic view of the group.

Uniface offers labs simulations, hands-on training, lectures, and candidates can quickly develop their knowledge and skills by applying and executing the best practices and solutions which covers

  • Configuration best design practices and principles.
  • Virtual Teaming
  • Supported options for authentication.
  • Integrations which includes Single Sign-on, LDAP, and Integration hub
  • Automated test framework testing
  • Core system setup including Configuration Management Database
  • Data Hygiene and Instance Management
  • Learn regarding the ServiceNow with the help of shared resources.
  • Application security and encryption.
  • Flow designer automation.

With the most efficient and trusted learning system in the globe, Uniforce help aspirants and professionals to learn the current trending technologies from their comfort. Ready to pursue ServiceNow from Uniforce? Contact us today!